A saturation of sound to go along with fully rainy winters, fully sunny summers, and the not always smooth, but intriguingly colorful and functional, transitions of spring and fall.

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A gem from 7 years ago. 
Had a long, tough Saturday. Here’s a go to EP. 
I first heard this song on a Dena Amy radio show mix for Metropolis (KCRW), where it is titled Song for Ellen (a mix by Mighty Mouse). If you go back one more historical step to 1977, the original is by the Fania All Stars. 
Left hand guitarist Mdou Moctar (from Niger). This is fantastic psych-rock, and left handedness is a good thing for left turns. I like the second track here (Tumastin) a little more, but imagine it’s for an aerial soundscape of you on the last few smiles of a good long run. Mind-bending, in-touch, traditional, and effortless. The first track (Kamane Tarhanin) is like a 5k blast, where the end gets a little out of control.
The monotone of long miles amidst the melody of life. 
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There are some moments on bouldered, winding, mountain trails where I can become as in the moment as Nils Frahm is with his music. Those are pinnacles. Evolve to be fully involved in the thing – whatever that thing may be. Nils returns to Seattle this week at The Moore Theater!
Fitting music for a stupendous day of sun in Seattle and a loop down to Alki Beach for some road-mode tempo miles. An aside: I never listen to music when running. I either need my ears for safety in the city or The Outdoors provides all the soundscape I can handle. But, pre/post run? Yeah – all for it. 

“For the first single ‘Wherever You Go’, Fred keeps things sunny and balearic, welcoming in the summer sun. The rhythms are jacking, but the melody keeps it cool and breezy. Fred invited Lauer of Tuff City Kids to deliver two great versions of ‘Wherever You Go’ which will be included on the flipside, keeping the balearic vibe intact while adding a dose of acid tuffness.”  –