When the Bridge is Out

Every big run has a “moment”. That’s often why we do them. What we learn in those moments, we carry with us forever as guiding principles. During my solo Chuckanut 50k time trial, it only took two miles to find it. A sign nailed to a tree said the Arroyo Park Bridge was out and I didn’t know of a […]

Chuckanut 50k’s Fastest Washingtonian?

note, there is no in-person race this year I once overheard some Orcas Islanders say that you aren’t a local until you’ve completed ten winters in residence. By that metric, I will qualify as “from” Seattle as soon as spring starts in 2021. Some people also know that my first ultramarathon was the Chuckanut 50k in 2015. Actually, outside of […]

Believe in Beer 100 km run

MAY 7, 2020 @ 6:30 AM Press Release! posted on DONATION LINK to the Bottleshare Go Fund Me campaign The Route! It will look something like this, as long as I don’t get delirious or distracted. The People! Instagram Live chats will happen throughout the day and be posted to the story feed on @evandouglaswilliams. Times are approximate! 9:30 […]

Run for Craft 36 mi – 12 breweries

In the last week of March, the doom of the pandemic lock down seemed overwhelming. No foreseeable future lift. No group runs. No races. No [fill in your blank]. My family‚Äôs Flying Lion Brewing had to shut the taproom sales (pickup and delivery available!) in Columbia City, Seattle, and that was my personal moment of realization. The neighborhood hub that my brother, Griffin, […]

Heat training, for running on lava rocks

I wore gloves to run to work this morning, because it was actually cold! That means it has a been long time since I was piling on ski pants and down vests in August at noon to heat train for the Backcountry Rise 50k. As I stare down the Oregon Coast 50kthis weekend and a California International Marathon (December) training block, I have zero desire […]

On the Edge of The Escarpment

On the edge of a lot of things. Quitting running forever? No. Come on. It’s just a hard race that devastates your sense of being “in shape” so effectively that the director (Dick Vincent) could consider adding an additional qualifying prerequisite – “WHY?” At least think about it for a day. George Mallory might say, “Because it’s there.” OK. Pfff. So are […]

Moving fast without getting lost – maps on an Amazfit GPS

The Amazfit Pace was one of the earliest watches to include GPX track uploading for navigation. When I bought my first non-Casio, it was also something I could afford, half the weight of comparable options, and beautifully designed. Over the last three years, it has been durable enough to handle 9,000+ mi of road/trail abuse and accompany me on dozens of PRs, […]

From the finish line, to home

I made it! We made it. Now it’s back to Earth. Mental health has consistently been my greatest challenge and the relatively low-key days after a big race are often pretty depressing. Pre-race issues didn’t magically go away. Work, and schedules, are still looming ahead. My body’s chemistry is completely out of whack. But, there are a few things I’ve […]

The Vancouver Factor

Vancouver 2019 was a tough day for a marathon? Maybe? I’ll try to answer this, but comparing numbers from different race results (PRs on other courses) and different years (younger, but less experienced) is a little hand-wavy at best. In case the charts that follow end up being a total waste of time, here is the conclusion up front. Race […]