About this blog – Three Left Turns is both a geometry trick and accurate description of my life. If you start off going straight, turn left, left, and left again, you are now traveling right. In my running adventures, if I make a wrong turn I have the confidence that turning wrong a few more times will set me in the correct direction. A deviation isn’t something to be feared, but rather enjoyed. It makes up the depth of the journey. It gets us beyond the superficial.

About me –

biomechanist / group run leader / national trail team member 2019 / bread baker / brother x 3 / coach / brewer / engineer

Running is my mental health plan, physical health plan, transportation to work, mode of world exploration, and medium for learning life’s best and hardest lessons. ​

In middle school, I ran XC for a season, but was more or less bullied off the team. I chose to swim instead, because you can’t hear insults when your ears are full of water and my Dad is a Michigan Masters beast in the pool. I eventually tired of playing slow-motion human ping-pong between walls 25 yards apart and joined the Middlebury College Pranksters for some quality years of ultimate frisbee life and athletics. A string of concussions, broken ribs, and a partial ACL tear forced me to retire from “flatball” and I also realized that my hair didn’t look that good grown out. At age 23, I returned to running and learned how to train properly for distance from Steve Faluotico of the Long Pond Athletic Club in Falmouth, MA. We agree on a few crucial bits of running advice; 1) get faster by drinking more smoothies, 2) don’t let racing get in the way of training, 3) nordic skiing is way more fun. I moved west in 2011 to get a masters degree in Biomechanical Engineering from The University of Washington and eventually work for the global health non-profit, PATH. I joined the Seattle Running Club, helped my family open Flying Lion Brewing, and am currently a contract design engineer (used to work at Mountain Safety Research.) That means I frequently run a long way in the forest and consume a proportional quantity of my brother’s award winning Rye Stout, while trying to invent solutions to the world’s problems.

I’m now striding forward on trails and roads in search of what really matters in life and motivating others to get on with as many adventures as possible. Trails, dreams, businesses, families, humanitarianism, technology, love, mountain peaks, mountain valleys, and everything nearby and in-between.

Greatest accomplishment – making the 2019 US Trail Team!

A few numbers, for what they’re worth:
“The Wing” = 6:08 [2018, Flying Lion Brewing Group Run 1.1 mi, 170 ft]
compost run = 12 s [1998, against my brothers, 3rd place]
work commute = 5:38 per mile [3.4 miles, almost late for a meeting]
1609 m = 4:21 [2018 & 2020, Evan’s Annual Final Mile]
5000 m = 14:59 [2021, A Rainy Tuesday Track Workout]
10000 m = 31:46 [2018, Valentine’s Day Dash]
21082 m = 1:09:11 [2019, Mercer Island Half Marathon]
42165 m = 2:28:13 [2018, Marine Corps Marathon]
50000 m = clock is irrelevant in the mountains [2019, 3rd at USATF Nationals]

Contact: evandwilliams@gmail.com