Course Preview – Trail World Championships – Miranda do Corvo, Portugal

We went out to survey a bit of the course yesterday. While we did NOT see any wild boar hiding behind cork trees (mentioned in the race guide), we did see a wide variety of terrain, a water drainage tunnel (which we will run through), and some impressive mountain stonework. The excitement and energy of the race is rapidly taking over the towns and teams. Let’s go, USA.

everybody is in top spirits (even David with his white USA replacement shirt…luggage was stolen at the airport) [photo: ATRA – Richard Bolt]
aid stations are defined as cobblestone roads and tiny mountain villages / religious posts
…where we can refresh our foldable cups and chill (or grab bottles of sugar-drink and keep running) [photo: ATRA Richard Bolt]
the course weaves through more masonry back into…
a ton of stone stairs
soft footing switchbacks
rumble strips made from log bridges
erosion control mega stair steps
cruiser tree alleyways
downhill pavement speed tests
fun / roller-coaster drops
freshly planted agriculture with a dust ski-run easement
a water by-pass tunnel (?) – not kidding!
quad-check ledges
the return to Miranda do Corvo – “YOU MAKE IT EPIC”
team of USA champs fighting for our spot amongst the world’s best [photo: ATRA Richard Bolt]

More updates here from ATRA: ​

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