Country Cat and Big City Cat – Horse Butte 10 mile

In the Denim Division of the 2019 Horse Butte 10 Miler, “Big City Cat” Joe Creighton rolled all but two people (Max King and Thomas Morgan). He did it while rocking Guns & Roses daisy dukes, which earned him rounds of free beer all over Bend, which actually just allowed me to pay off my gas money debt for the 700 miles we drove.  

As for me, I piled up some strikes and clawed back to 5th place in the second half. I ran in full length jeans (0-1), made Joe go on an 11 mi 2200 ft trail run on Saturday (0-2), and decided not to care about sleeping in a house with a cat (0-3, out). In reality, my cat allergy was probably the only one of those factors that made a difference. It’s also a pattern I really need to pay more attention to…but, if I do find myself in that situation again, the solution is RUN. Not from the cat, necessarily, but before it’s time to race. Approximately 5 to 7 mi.

My breathing rate was through the roof for the first 7 miles. If I had started too fast, I would have expected the regular slow fade to either a cramp or shuffle by the end. I checked Strava’s Flyby comparison with Joe, who’s as steady as you get, and saw that I cranked through the last 3 mi in fine form (cat cleared). My mid-week workout yesterday confirmed that nothing is wrong and I am still in excellent position for a big run at the Vancouver Marathon. Phew. I am more relieved than anything. 

I got to run at Smith Rock, visit Monkless/Three Creeks/Crux/Ale Apothecary/Wild Ride, and watch Stefan Redfield bust the rust off his racing legs. We all gained on the weekend. Thanks, Stefan, for showing us around!

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