United we race

UPDATE – I did make it onto the US Trail team after all! A second athlete withdrew and USATF gave me another look. Portugal on June 8! If you haven’t seen me in the last few days or refreshed the US Mountain and Trail Running twitter feed, you might not know that this has been one of the most trying weeks […]

From Garden to Start Line – in Crocs

I get this question a lot – “Are you sponsored by Crocs?”  No, and that’s probably the right choice by the company. I also don’t wear them THAT often. I did stop by their booth at last year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Denver (for work, sort of) and enthusiastically explain that I’m the world’s fastest combination Dandelion Weeder/Recycling Taker-outer/Half-marathoner […]

Country Cat and Big City Cat – Horse Butte 10 mile

In the Denim Division of the 2019 Horse Butte 10 Miler, “Big City Cat” Joe Creighton rolled all but two people (Max King and Thomas Morgan). He did it while rocking Guns & Roses daisy dukes, which earned him rounds of free beer all over Bend, which actually just allowed me to pay off my gas money debt for the 700 miles […]

Roctane, Oreos, and Race Calorie Mathematics

I was once known for taking a breakfast sandwich to the start line of long races. I thought, if I could eat at the last possible moment, then I wouldn’t have to eat while running. Brilliant! I would also be forced to not start too fast while my stomach was trying to settle food. In reality, the biggest benefit was psyching-out the competition […]